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Thursday, August 02, 2012

"Obama Can Kiss My Ass"


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Anonymous said...

I built this business without depending on the interstate system for shipment of materials, a standard currency and without the protection of law enforcement (neither civil for enforcement of contracts nor criminal to deter theft). My larger competitors were not deterred from unfair competition via antitrust laws. I do not benefit from building codes that require builders to use appropriate (as opposed to the cheapest possible) building materials.

My business does not enjoy free mail delivery, the mailbox in the photo is just for show. I also keep the grass mowed between my building and the highway myself!

I'm a self made man - hands off my social security!

Anonymous said...

1044... That business also paid taxes to pay for all those things.

Anonymous said...

10:44 All of the "perks" you so sarcastically enumerated were paid for by this man's yes...he did build his business.
How do you think businesses were built and flourished before there were any roads built by the Gov (they were all originally private roads)? If anyone has built or run a business they will understand that it is their own money, (borrowed money in which case they will pay it back with interest), their ideas, their sweat to construct the business premises or pay a contractor (again another business) to build it, work more hours than an 8 hour work day, and just so you know...the business owner is thelast to get paid.
I've opened and run 2 businesses and I can say that for the second business Gov only made the start up of my business much more expensive. Dictating how many toilets and sinks I had to have (double of what is actually used); adding a $250 lock box for the fire dept to gain access to my building in case of a fire when we all know that they will smash the glass windows to get in and not fool with trying to open a lock box to get keys; making my contractor tear out and put in a second set of stairs to a stage that only I use because one of the stairs was 1/4 inch to tall (now I have 3 little short rise steps which are harder to use instead of a typical height for 2 stairs); over $2,500 to the City of Salisbury and Planning & Zoning for review and approval of the plans that my architect drew up for the remodeling of my commercial space; paying the State of MD $300 just for the sheer pleasure of having a corporation - nothing more; the list goes on. I spent approximately $4,000 for absolutely nothing that helps my business operate, promotes more business, makes it safer, etc. So yeah....small business owners are pretty fed up eith having the boot of Gov on our throats. Sorry for the rant but I've just about had it with Gov. red tape and interference. ok...I just got down off of my OSHA safe soapbox!

Anonymous said...

I hope he filed his income tax correctly !

Anonymous said...

Free mail delivery 10:44 have you had a lobotomy, business taxes more than paid for the miserable US Postal systems and US businesses paid more than their fair share for infrastructure and there was still extra tax money for filthy scum sucking Politicians to steal and they stole from social security.

Anonymous said...

Damn Ray! I didn't know you built that highway that goes into your business! YOU BUILT THAT?!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Gaster would probably reply to 10:44 in this vein,

I run a small business, serving my local community and employing local people. My customers and the products I sell travel on roads paid for by user fees in the form of taxes, a large portion of which are siphoned off to pay for other pipe-dreams and boondoggles.

Currency, in its continually devalued form, is not a gift from DC; it’s compulsory.

My larger competitors, if they plan to enter my market, can borrow cheaply from a Fed propped major bank; if I need to float a loan I deal directly with my local banker, once again keeping money flowing in my local economy. I can’t run 40% in the hole and borrow from China at the expense of my grandkids. Or run for 3+ years without a budget like Dingy Harry Reid.

I lost a bundle on investments in GM & Chrysler when the bankruptcy laws were unilaterally trashed so BO could buy favor with unions; so much for civil protection!

If any gangsta types, stuffed to the gills with Chicago values, try to shoplift or steal after hours, the cops will write a report and if I make a claim my insurance will go up. Instead, we’ve invested in an array of cameras and alarms, and a pair of Shepherds. When they use the info we’ve gathered to make an arrest, the perps get nol prossed or PBJ; my taxes pay for the guy with the gavel, the guy who cuts the plea deal and their lawyer, too.

Regarding mail; on July 26, 1775 the Continental Congress put Benjamin Franklin, a businessman in charge; this pre-dated establishment of a US government (i.e. King George III was still ruling; King Barack I’s family were still slave-owners in VA). In subsequent years, government managed to run this monopoly into the ground; it was subsequently spun off as an independent entity, although Congress has used it as a personal piggy bank, just like my Social Security account (and yours), by requiring USPS to fund its projected healthcare expenses 75 years in advance; Congress and the government then use those funds for general purposes (GSA meetings; his & her jet vacations across the globe for the king & queen, etc.). What mail arrives or is sent is overpriced due to this financing scheme; USPS is not subsidized by or a gift from the government. BTW, I bought and paid for the box and its post.

We mow the grass between the business and the highway; the annual 3 foot in from the white-line pass by the roads department didn’t cut it (pun intended). If you live in the Peoples Republic of MD or Wicomico County you could lose a small child in the uncut weeds along the cart paths; they’ve found it more efficient to have the fahr injins just wet them down instead; guess they got a grant for it.

An employee here uses a lawn tractor and knocks out both sides of the driveway in about 25 minutes, once a week; got a business to run and appearances count (we pick up the litter before cutting). Doesn’t require a dump truck, trailers and a multi-person crew.

I know Social Security is a Ponzi that will not be there for my grandkids, and perhaps not for my kids, too. There are not enough contributors (new money) to sustain the future obligations already on the books. As you can see I’m not as young as when I started my business (back when BO was first inhaling smoke, instead of blowing it)so I’ll probably be able to cash some of the checks before moving on.

But if you don’t wanna leave all your SS funds in Al Gore’s lockbox, we sell home safes; they’re on aisle 12 next to the other property protection items. Easy DIY project, or you can wait for BO to establish a Department of Home Safes to install one; when they come by your subsidized apartment, they’ll cut your soymeat for you and change your Depends, too.

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

no im sure you did though. what kind of business do you own

Anonymous said...

Lets see, if there was no business there would be NO jobs. Just worthless gubment trying to figure out where to steal money.

HOWEVER if there was no government there would still be business paying wages.

Gubment does do things but it all starts with business and the taxes they pay. AND the taxes the employees pay.

Anyone who says different is either on welfare or works for the guvernment. Kind of the same thing.

Anonymous said...

"Gubment does do things but it all starts with business and the taxes they pay. AND the taxes the employees pay."

Well there you go. This will always be one of the dumbest arguments of this whole election.

That and the President didn't actually say what people are quoting. But this country never let's facts get in the way of nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Native American Indians built the businesses in this country and now that President Obama has burned down their TP's (not their toilet paper), turned their pet ponies in to Purina puppy chow, and slaughtered most of the slower moving, pony-free Indians that were left behind (not right behind), with drone attacks, he's declared himself Chief of the United States of America. The few Indians that he left alive have been forced into public housing, under the Obamacare "do not ask, do not tell" policy. And now Obama wants us to believe that he created all the businesses that we see in America today? Well, Indians have a saying for that, "How now brown cow". You'd have to be a Naive American to understand. Obama did it all.

Anonymous said...

just plain sad! Anybody with a 5th grade understanding of the English language knows this is politics at it's best(worst) Take a man out of context and you can make him say just about anything.

Anonymous said...

>>>Take a man out of context and you can make him say just about anything.<<< It may be inconvenient for you, but those were Obama's words and the context is accurate. Just read the comments and you'll see a couple of useful idiots attempting to argue dear leader's point. They got the message loud and clear. More class warfare from the great uniter.

Anonymous said...

10:44 social security is all you may get. Heck, you may not get that you moron.