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Monday, June 11, 2012

Some Thoughts on Guns and Civil Rights

My son and I went to Gander Mountain today and fired off 300 rounds on my beloved Sig Sauer Mosquito Sport. One of the great advantages of a .22 pistol is that you can shoot 300 rounds and not have to worry about the cost. I shot these bullets at 21 feet:

I’ve written before about the fact that relatively late in life, I became interested in firearms. In the 1960s, 1970s and into the 1980s, gun control was one of the Left’s major priorities. The ultimate objective was to ban the private ownership of handguns, and for quite a while it seemed that the demise of gun ownership was only a matter or time, sort of like gay marriage. The anti-gun mood of that era was reflected in the law, which more or less ignored the 2nd Amendment and gave little protection to the right to keep and bear arms.

But then something changed. People started looking more favorably on gun ownership, and especially the use of firearms in self-defense. Democrats who ran on a gun control platform started losing consistently, and the Left essentially gave up on the issue. Today, gun ownership is flourishing as never before. Ruger recently stopped taking orders for new firearms because they couldn’t produce enough in their factory to satisfy demand.



Anonymous said...

Obama has done a great job for the firearms industry.

Alex said...

Oh please, you gun crazies. Obama has done absolutely nothing to the gun industry. As every president Obama is afraid of the NRA lobby.

Anonymous said...

To bad Maryland is so slow to realize the benifits of gun ownership. The libs in this state are living with the 1960 mentality.

Anonymous said...

Well I guess you didn't hear or read, that WHEN we the USA signs the treaty with the UN, we will no longer be allowed to have a firearm as a civilian... I also guess he never read or heard of the botched Fast and Furious crap that was meant to make us have more gun control... Oh and I guess, he didn't hear how there is this one company going around and buying all of the gun manufacturers out there... that to me is control or a type of control they wanted implemented but failed for NOW...

But see, then you have the everyday dumb ass american, whom thinks, and believes what he is told on the news or better yet the television... The govt, never gives up, they just rename it or shelf it until a later time, when you forgot about it, or better yet, wait until they have another crisis where as they need to pass more bills to keep the govt running and it will be in the back and you won't even know it... Tell me I am wrong... then I can say, how did the health care get passed and with the crap inside, what about the NDAA, or the NDPA?

Anonymous said...

Alex are a you typical liberal, Obamas whacked out polices and his intent to divide us has caused gun sales to increase

Anonymous said...

maybe "Alex" should read up on some history, especially recent German history

but, i'm sure "Alex" is a genius and already knows removing guns from citizens was Hitler's crowning achievement

then again, maybe "Alex" likes being a subject and subservient to big government

Anonymous said...

Guns are an inanimate object, a tool to be used for what the user intends. If left alone a gun will just lay there in perpetuaty. I happen to own many guns and choose to keep them safety locked up. The left wants guns to be the evil, when it can only be man and his intent that cause harm. Oh yeah, don't break into my place, I will shoot on sight.

Anonymous said...

"If every Jewish and anti-nazi family in Germany had owned a Mauser rifle and twenty rounds of ammunition and the will to use it, Adolf Hitler would be a little-known footnote to the history of the Weimar Republic."

Aaron Zelman,
Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership