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Monday, June 11, 2012


On June 4, 2012, at approximately 12:36 a.m., Ocean City Police bike patrol officers, encountered three suspicious subjects in the parking lot at 108 Philadelphia Avenue. The subjects were first observed standing near a blue Pontiac and a silver colored Honda CRV.

While police were interviewing the suspects, who included the owner of the Honda CRV, later identified as Mark Anthony Joseph Mahroney, 22, of Ellicott City, Maryland police searched the CRV and located a large amount of U.S. Currency hidden in the wheel well of the vehicle.

As the officers continued interviewing the suspects, two unrelated citizens came to the scene and got into the blue Pontiac that was parked next to the CRV and drove away. When the Pontiac left the scene, police officers observed a handgun on the pavement near Mahroney. Officers attempted to detain the suspect at the scene, at which point Mahroney fled from police.

The suspect (Mahroney) ran east towards the boardwalk and was eventually apprehended at 3rd Street and Washington Lane in the parking lot of Park Place Hotel. Investigation by police revealed that the Honda CRV contained over $7000 in U.S. currency as well as a handgun ankle holster.

During the investigation police utilized an OCPD K-9 team and conducted a drug scan of the Honda CRV as well as the cash recovered from the vehicle. The K9 alerted to the presence of controlled dangerous substance on both the vehicle and the money indicating the presence of illegal drugs. Police continued to search the vehicle locating only a small amount of suspected CDS residue.

Police arrested Mahroney and charged him with illegal possession of a handgun. Because of the all of the circumstances the vehicle and the U.S. Currency were seized pending further investigation.

Mahroney was seen by an Ocean City District Court Commissioner and was released on his own recognizance.


Anonymous said...

you don't sell in someone elses area.

Anonymous said...

all money has drug residue