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Thursday, June 14, 2012

‘Real Journalists Are Apologists for Corrupt-ocracy’: Michelle Malkin Takes on Juan Williams in Tense Live TV Segment

Things got a little more heated than usual on tonight’s Hannity in a debate between noted conservative blogger Michelle Malkin and liberal Fox News contributor Juan Williams over the nature of the recent White House leaks.

Williams had tried to argue that there was nothing particularly special about the leaks regarding national security currently emanating from the White House, claiming that every administration had done the same thing. Malkin fired back by raising the point that the liberal press had excoriated former President Bush over the leaks regarding CIA agent Valerie Plame, which were seen as an attack on the country’s intelligence community and, by extension, on national security.

Williams’ response was to pull rank on Malkin. “I’m a real reporter, I’m not a blogger out on the blogosphere,” Williams said dismissively, before launching into a lecture about how reporters talk to officials, something he apparently didn’t believe Malkin had any experience with.



Anonymous said...

Go Michelle!

Anonymous said...

Nice job, Michelle! You OWNED him! Lovely!

Anonymous said...

Only on Fox News would Juan Williams be considered a

Anonymous said...

8:32 juan is a liberal, that's why he's always defending obama, unless of course it's because they are both black?

Anonymous said...

If you think eye rolling and lip smacking is journalism then I suppose she must be a journalist.

Shaking My Head.

Anonymous said...

Juan Williams may lean liberally, but he is always knowledgable and extremely sensible in his beliefs and insight. I can't say the same for Michelle Malkin.