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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Comment Worthy Of A Post 4-17-12

I wish to make a statement based on this post. Your observation and articulation of the subject matter couldn't be more accurate. Most people have heard the phrase "Taxation without representation" but what most don't understand is that the original 13 colonies were, in fact, represented in Parliament. Most people were just not pleased with the level of representation and didn't feel that the representation accurately reflected the will or best interest of the people.

Think of the parallels here.

The colonists didn't approve of the level of representation provided by their government - The majority of Americans aren't happy with the current representation.

The colonists spoke out against the government and were imprisoned. Today, Americans are routinely arrested for speaking out against the government - more than ever before. (see all of those arrested for photographing police or the case where the Maryland State Police arrested pro life protestors)

The government tried to sieze gunpowder and arms from colonists which caused the "shot heard 'round the world". The DHS has recently purchased 450 MILLION rounds of one type of ammunition and has issued an RFP for 175 million rounds of another. The goal is to create a vaccuum making ammunition difficult to find in popular calibers - defacto disarming of Americans. What good are guns with no ammunition?

Many parallels exist between the time just prior to the American Revolution and current events.

The U.S. Constitution was written to prevent the government from running slip shod over the people. All government representatives from politicians to police officers take and oath to uphold that constitution and to protect the nation FROM ALL ENEMIES, FORIEGN AND DOMESTIC. That's right domestic. The biggest threat to our way of life is domestic. Large government that taxes the people without adequately representing the will of the people (see above). History will indeed repeat itself and that time is not far off. You know it, I know it....and they know it. They are preparing for the inevitable. They are buying up ammunition. They are stockpiling MRE's. They are preparing detention areas some refer to as "FEMA Camps". You are reporting on these items at a time when you can what the state of our nation degrade daily. Get ready.

I too want my America back.


Anonymous said...

Welfare was not meant to be a way of life for able bodied people. We spend millions on educating them so make them work.

Anonymous said...

agreed 8:35

Anonymous said...

Great comment Bob