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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Intel Chief: Pressured Iran Might Strike In U.S.

(CBS News) Top United States intelligence officials had a dire warning for Congress on Tuesday; that Iran would likely launch terrorist attacks on U.S. soil as pressure mounts against the regime in Tehran. The alarming assessment is making a tense situation even more serious.

 The briefing by the nation's top intelligence officers added another ominous development to the possible showdown with Iran.



Anonymous said...

And if they do we need to show them what nuclear is all about. This living in terror is getting old.we need to along with all great nations just wipe these people out of existence. They wanna go over their nuclear program so lets give them a nuclear program.

lmclain said...

5:57 is quite correct. This "limited response" crap is what attracts more attacks. DESTROY entire cities or wipe out every single airfield and military base. Without mercy and without qualm. Each and every time. BUT---- the military industrial complex wants a long dragged out "conflict" and the wet pants pansies want to make sure no "innocent people" are hurt, like THEY (terorists) worry about killing any of OUR innocent people. Hell, they don't even care about killing their OWN people. We didn't blink about killing 250,000 Japanese in 3 days, mostly women and children. Stopped THEM pretty damn quick, didn't it? If they want some killing, give them some lessons in how its REALLY done. I'm sick of "surgical strikes" and not firing util we are shot at, and not firing back at all because of possible collateral damage. I'm for LOTS of collateral damage and so are the guys on the ground getting shot at every day. Put some Senators kids in Kandahar and Kabul. Strategy would change overnight. But since its just poor and middle class kids, well, no big deal.

Anonymous said...

720-Right on. You're either all in, or don't get into at all. Send a clear message, and they'll get the message.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you guys really are war mongers aren't you?!
Don't you realize that RUSSIA and China are their allies?
If we attack Iran, it's not Iran we have to worry about, it's Russia, and China!

lmclain said...

10:34....Bet the house on the fact that, although they (Russia and China) TALK a lot of smack about how they would come to aid of Iran, if we decide to treat Iran like the seem to WANT to be treated, neither one of those countries would do anything except talk. China ain't strong enough to maintain ANY supply routes or project their power further than their REGION. Russia has a CHANCE against us, but not much of one and neither country wants a nuclear exchange over a big mouth third world country thumbing their nose at the whole world. Further, Muslims (like they do everywhere they go) have, and are still causing, big problems in both countries (ever heard of Chechnya??) Russia and China might secretly be hoping we fix the issue. All I'm really doing is reiterating an old, proven, and successful military strategy --- overwhelming and massive response to attack. Quit trying to prove to the world that we don't really want to hurt anyone. Want some war? Give 'em all they go all out, not half assed effort that result in another Vietnam, Iraq, or Afghanistan. Ask any of our men and women who don't have their arms, legs, eyesight, etc.