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Friday, December 23, 2011

Unemployment Benefits Extended Along With Payroll Tax Break

The payroll tax break compromise now up for a vote on Friday also extends unemployment benefits, but they may not be what the hardest hit need.
The 5 million people who would have lost unemployment benefits next year would likely benefit from job training more than anything, Welch Consulting’s chief economist Stephen Bronars, said.
“Job openings are way up  and layoffs are down but people out of work are having a hard time finding it,” Stephen Bronars, chief economist with Welch Consulting said. “The people who have the least skills in vocation don’t really match up with the jobs advertised. Those people  are having a really hard time.”


Anonymous said...

What we need is jobs not away to keep people unemployed.

Anonymous said...

First it was 22 weeks - then 52 weeks - then 99 weeks - now another 8 weeks

99 + 8 = 107 weeks or over 2 years of unemployment.

Come-on folks - wake-up! The guy in office is a lunatic.

Anonymous said...

And next,we will give everyone a $100,000 check to spend on anything they want!

Anonymous said...

Yeah it's much better to let people starve and go out and steal and rob to fill their needs.

If you need something just go out and take it. That is a much better system.