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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Customers Upset With Daily Times This Morning


This mornings DT which is supposed to include inserts for Super Giant and Food Lion instead had inserts for Super Fresh in OC and Harris Teeter in Delaware. We called the paper and after ten minutes are still waiting for them to answer.


Anonymous said...

Ah, such 1st world problems.Think about the people who don't have the money to even save with coupons.

Anonymous said...

Go online and print your own coupons. I do not get the DT. When I did it was only for coupons. Now I print my own.

Anonymous said...

Gee, did the Times give you a pinky swear it would always have these inserts in their Wednesday's paper. I'd cancel my subscription to the paper, and you are not suppose to shop at Giant anyway after they let signatures be taken there for the petition.

I stopped to get the Crisfield County Times this morning and the store had sold out. I am on hold now waiting for the newspaper to answer why they let the store sell out. I will never buy that newspaper or patronize that store again.

Anonymous said...

every other week they leave the food lion insert out..go figure.