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Friday, October 18, 2019

Newt Gingrich: We Are Witnessing ‘the Death of the Democrat Party’

The Democrat Party is radicalizing so quickly that it makes even the Clinton and Obama administrations seem centrist, states former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich in an op-ed Wednesday.

“Tuesday night’s debate was one more reminder that we are living through the death of the Democrat Party,” Gingrich declares, as we watch it mutate before our eyes into the “Democrat-Socialist Party.”

We are living in “a historic moment in which a once-great American party is transformed into an anti-American engine of radical change,” Gingrich observes. “In 2020, every Democrat candidate will be faced with the challenge of defending a national party which is now the Democratic-Socialist Party.”

In Tuesday’s debate, candidates were falling over each other to establish their far-left creds, leaving behind the platforms of the last two Democrat administrations as a vestige of relative moderation.

“Imagine that any candidate last night had had the courage (or lack of sense) to actively defend President Bill Clinton’s policies on welfare reform, capital gains tax cuts, balanced federal budgets, or his 1996 State of the Union assertion that ‘the era of Big Government is over,’” Gingrich muses.



Anonymous said...

The globalist agenda towards communism has been successful. The US is becoming communist right before our eyes.

Anonymous said...

What we are seeing is the end of the GOP, the birth of the Trump Party.

Anonymous said...

The democrats have always had success labeling people victims. But that wasn’t good enough so they tried to make everyone a victim. America rejected the Democrats and here we are today. We the people are telling them to take their labels and shove it. The lies are exposed and the true Democratic Party is a complete and utter failure. Who in their right minds would denigrate so many good people as the Democrats. American pride is alive and we will take back our country.

Anonymous said...

Americans are possibly the dumbest population in the world. They know nothing about government and nothing about their own politicians. Many Americans still believe voting matters.

The US is an evil government and it lies to the people everyday.

Anonymous said...

I'm ok with that, as the deep state is made up of republicans too

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing many Americans still believed voting mattered in 2016 otherwise hillary would be our disastrous president. Even the msm didn't think it was possible for her to lose. But look what happened when the true patriot Americans used their power to Make America Great Again

Anonymous said...

The dumbocrats have historically claimed to be the protectors of minorities especially the black community. In the last few years it has become clear that the dumbocrats have exploited the black community to render votes and have done nothing to forward the interests of the blacks.
All the while the dumbocrats accuse everyone else as racists.
The dumbocrats like to put labels and categorize every type person in this country.
On contrast, the Republicans welcome all people into the party without the burden of being pigeonholed into some group category.
Republicans are just Americans, no further description needed.