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Saturday, September 14, 2019


Right after Apple announced the iPhone 11, numerous owners of older iPhones began to report device malfunctions reminiscent of a 2017 debacle in which the company admitted slowing the performance of older phones – ‘officially’ in order to extend their battery life.

At the time, Apple said in a statement that it had “never – and wound never – do anything to intentionally shorten the life of any Apple product.”

According to USA Today, however, the coincidences are piling up.



Anonymous said...

I've had several iPhones slow right down to nothing and the battery life shortened after downloading the software updates and I am confident that iPhone did that intentionally.

The last iPhone I had a year ago was so slow that I know for a fact I would die in a house fire before I could dial 911. Fact!

Anonymous said...

And people keep buying them.

My $249 Moto G7 Power has a 12MP camera, snappy performance, bright clear screen that's not going to crack and a 3 day battery life.

I've never met an iphone that lasts past 4pm on a single charge and you see so many people with cracked screens.

Anonymous said...

WTF is a Moto G7 Power??? Something you get a Walmart and pay before you use it plan?

Anonymous said...

Apple is nothing but a rip-off. They continue to prove one can never have enough money

Anonymous said...

September 15, 2019 at 3:39 AM:

Try Verizon, if you really want to know.