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Friday, August 30, 2019

Trump rightly forces Google to stop being China's tool

There's a striking contrast in how two major American technology companies approach our new cold war with China.

Amazon is serving Americans' security. Google, in contrast, has supported China and rejected the United States military.

Fortunately, the Trump administration is forcing Google to be a little more patriotic.

On Thursday, Google confirmed that new U.S. regulations mean it is unable to provide software to China's Huawei telecommunications firm/intelligence agency. Huawei thus has a big problem: It produces high-technology phones, but it can't support them with Google's Android platform and its associated apps. That is going to make it rather difficult to sell Huawei phones, and that's a good thing.



Anonymous said...

Good stuff

Anonymous said...

Off to a good start exposing these liberal Democrat companies for being against America.Now need to expose the politicians who get rich off them.

Anonymous said...

China's Best "TOOL" = Democrats !!!!