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Thursday, August 29, 2019

SAT drops supplemental ‘adversity score’ amid criticism

The nonprofit organization that administers SAT tests will drop the so-called “adversity score,” which combined neighborhood and school factors to produce a single number to supplement a student’s test score.

The adversity score, which took into account factors like neighborhood crime rate and advanced classes offered at a school, was introduced about two years ago and used by some 50 institutions amid criticism that college admission favored wealthy applicants.

David Coleman, head of the College Board, said Tuesday that the tool was “wrong” and “confusing.”

It will be replaced with another tool named “Landscape,” he said.


Anonymous said...

If you are too stupid for college, you just are! They need to stop all this mollycoddling the dumb people. It is just the way it is, some people are smart and then a lot of people are very stupid.
That is why we have two main political parties, one for people who have a brain and the other for all the stupid folks.

Anonymous said...