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Saturday, August 31, 2019

An inside look at Waffle House’s Hurricane Dorian war room

This may look like the National Hurricane Center, but the people in this room have only one thing on their minds: keeping the waffle irons hot!

The honchos at Waffle House — whose closures are used by FEMA to gauge the severity of natural disasters with a so-called “Waffle House Index” — huddled in their war room Friday tracking Hurricane Dorian as it barreled toward Florida.

The 24-hour Southern breakfast chain enlisted a team of weather experts at its Georgia-based “storm room” to decide if they should shutter any restaurants, a rep for the firm said.

The officials were glued to the Weather Channel, along with hyper-focused storm tracking software, as they munched a lunch of patty melts, grilled chicken sandwiches and — what else? — waffles from the restaurant, said public relations director Pat Warner.


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Anonymous said...

All I know is that if a WH is closed due to weather you shouldn't be anywhere near it. They know their stuff.