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Friday, July 12, 2019


Subject: POWER & MONEY

The majority of Americans don't realize just how much POWER & MONEY the Democrats make off illegal aliens being in our country, even without voter fraud.

This is why they created 'Sanctuary' cities and states. Simply by including their numbers as part of the population in the US Census, they get MOUNTAINS of money from the federal government and for every 770,000 illegal aliens in their Democrat-controlled area they get a seat in the US House of Representatives apportioned to their area following the census.


After the US Census (performed once every 10 years), the 435 seats in the US House of Representatives are divided up by state population and the last one resulted in one seat for roughly every 770,000 people.

So, let's say California has about four million non-citizens living there right now.

That means that FIVE of their seats in the US Congress are due to people who are not Americans being counted in the Census!

Now, imagine if by 2020, when they do the next census, they had ten million non-citizens living in California.

That would mean California would get an additional ten seats in the US House of Representatives due to non-citizens.

Do you see why Democrats want open borders?

Next time you hear the bleeding-heart liberals and Democrat Party Leadership claiming how they 'care' about these poor illegal aliens here, call it bullshit...!

The Democrats found a way to get money and seats in Congress without having to rig elections!


Anonymous said...

Get a clue folks!

The elites fund campaigns for BOTH political parties. They are 2 sides of the same coin.

Mr Trump is good friends with Bill Clinton and his (now dead) wife Hillary Clinton. Mr Trump told us this during his “campaign”.

Wake up
We are being played

Anonymous said...

Nice Learning Lesson
Wish this could be read by Everyone in the US.
Most American do not understand how the system works.

Unknown said...

I've said it before, the federal government needs to stop giving money to the state. Problem solved.

Anonymous said...

Wealthy residents in San Francisco fighting to stop housing for homeless but all for illegals getting free housing.

Cheech n Chong said...


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