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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Some Gave All - Let's Call It Enough

Let’s reduce the future population of the memorialized...

All those members of the United States military who have perished in service are honored today, as they should be – from the 18 lost in the invasion of Grenada to the hundreds of thousands who fought and died in World War II.

The history of Memorial Day is an interesting read, filled with facts and legends. One of my favorites is that the day’s placement at the end of May was decided so that all America has flowers in bloom to lay on the graves of her war dead. Another is that remembrances take place at 3 p.m. local time around the country. Attending one of these events is a sober reminder of those who we ask, or so tragically force, to go and kill and die for us.

The scandal of Memorial Day is that too many of the memorials have been unnecessary. Too many gravestones are there not because they were needed to secure peace and liberty at home, but instead to advance some interest not found in the Constitution and likely not supported by most Americans, who would only learn the facts later. Once again, we are perhaps on the brink of creating more souls to memorialize and need to think thrice before we do so.



Anonymous said...

Yes & don't forget that by far > Mostly White men fought &
died to save us ALL !!!! Stop hating the Whites !!!!

Anonymous said...

The author isn't seriously remembering deceased veterans who died while serving. He's posturing his opinions as to what causes conflicts that have led to war, which is off topic but grounds for separate discussion if folks want to.

Most of his commenters seem to be anti American in their view, and to have a few kernels of what they think are facts to wrap their thoughts around.

Personal opinion: This article does a disservice to all the uplifting articles about Memorial Day that were here in recent days. Our family lost members in the Union army, WW1 and at Battle of the Bulge.

Anonymous said...

What gets me is our soldiers having to do multiple tours of duty while punks walk the streets without a care in the world. Except from their own kind. Bring back the draft. Teach those fools some discipline.