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Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Mulvaney: Mexico Has Done More in the Last Week to Combat Illegal Immigration Than Pelosi, Dems

Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney told “Fox News Sunday” that Mexico has done more to crack down on the illegal immigration crisis during the past week than House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and House Democrats.

“The president gave Mexico a one-year warning this past week, he also calls a crisis. Why wait a year?” Fox News’s Bill Hemmer asked.

“Keep in mind, I think that word about waiting a year dealt with drugs. There's a couple of different things he said this week, which is we need help right away on the migrant crisis, on illegal immigration, folks coming across the Mexican border. We also have another longer-term issue with Mexico on drugs that I think if you go back and look at his statement, he said we need help within the next year on drugs,” Mulvaney said.

“The good news there is that in the last week, Mexico really has stepped it up for the very first time... I know it's hard to imagine, but again, Nancy Pelosi runs the Democrats in Congress, Mexico has done more in the last week to help our illegal immigration crisis than Nancy Pelosi and Democrats in the House. It's been a pretty good week,” Mulvaney added.


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Anonymous said...

I just do not understand the Democrats on this. I have seen countless people testify before Congress as to how many people are coming across our border every day and what nationalities are involved. Do they want our country to be another London? What can we as citizens do to make them understand that WE do not want this?