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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Jurors See Body-Worn Camera Video From Baltimore Co. Police Officer's Fatal Encounter

Jurors on Tuesday saw body-worn camera video of Officer Amy Caprio repeatedly ordering Dawnta Harris to get out of a jeep in Perry Hall.

Baltimore County police officers who responded before paramedics arrived also testified on their efforts to save Caprio, who was struck and killed last year, allegedly by Harris. A jury was seated Monday.

Defense attorney J. Wyndal Gordon, in his opening statement, called Caprio's death an accident. He said his client was "scared 16-year-old" who didn't know how to react when confronted by Caprio, and said Caprio "threw herself in the pathway of a moving vehicle."



Anonymous said...

A "scared 16-year-old" as though this was the first encounter with the police is how the defense presents the case. Sure hope the prosecution mentions the ankle bracelet he was wearing for the auto thefts. His own mother didn't want him to get electronic monitoring. I guess she knew what would happen with that.

Anonymous said...

This is how defense attorneys are destroying our country. They excuse, normalize, and even impose victim status on sociopathic behavior. Reality isn't actuality. Reality is what an attorney TELLS you happened in a courtroom.

Anonymous said...

Death penalty in order

Anonymous said...

Don't let him live. If the district attorney doesn't do his job,,,,,vigilante justice is warranted

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely crazy! Insane. He wasn't scared . He was a law breaker who refused to cooperate with the police. All he had to do was what the officer told him to do. BUT he knew he was in for it.

Obama created these hate crimes said...

Maryland threw out the Death penalty a long time ago