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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Hints, Allegations, and Things Left Unsaid: How the Maryland Democratic Party is Still a Dumpster Fire

We’ve noted for a long long time that the Maryland Democratic Party is a dumpster fire. One reason that it’s so much of a dumpster fire, as we have also noted previously, is that there is nobody actually in charge of the party. There is nobody who can bring unity to party members, and nobody who can enforce order on the party.

Despite that, Maryland Democratic Party Chairman Maya Rockeymoore Cummings decided to interject herself into the race for Speaker of the House today.

It’s been widely reported and discussed, including here at Red Maryland, that the Maryland House Republican Caucus may be able to have a unique role in choosing the next speaker among the three Democrats seeking the position.

Rockeymoore Cummings is having absolutely none of that.

The full version of her remarks are below.

The Rockeymoore Cummings statement is full of bombast and bravado and consists mainly of hints, allegations, and things left unsaid. The bottom line up front of her comments are:
  1. Democrats should unite behind a candidate for Speaker;
  2. Don’t even think about reaching out across the aisle to Republicans;
  3. The full brunt of the Democratic Party will be brought down upon anybody who doesn’t toe the line.


Anonymous said...

it why i cant wait to leave this mess of a state. work at wallops so guess what.

Anonymous said...

Maya and Elijah run this State :(

Anonymous said...

Everything about Maryland is a dumpster fire.