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Saturday, April 20, 2019

General Mandates 'Daily Routine' After Seeing Sloppy, Unshaven Marines

After becoming exasperated with evidence of low discipline and sloppy appearances, a two-star general overseeing most East Coast-based ground combat Marines has fired off a policy letter mandating when troops must wake up, clean and eat each day.

The April 16 policy letter, signed by Maj. Gen. David Furness, commanding general of 2nd Marine Division out of Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, expresses concern that the Marines within the division have let their standards slide.

"In my travels with the Sergeant Major and Command Master Chief throughout the Division spaces, I have noticed a significant decline in the basic discipline of our warriors," Furness wrote. "Because the 2nd Marine Division has the majority of personnel assigned to Camp Lejeune, we will take ownership of this problem and FIX IT immediately."



Anonymous said...

2nd marine division camp lejuene north Carolina, HOME SWEET HOME!

Anonymous said...

This shouldn't have been necessary, but it's a reflection of how things are today with personal standards and awareness of and pride in surroundings.