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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Catherine Pugh Should Resign

“The development-political complex is a metastasizing cancer on the city’s body politic and economic health. Dixon is merely an excised limb. Unfortunately city politicians do not want to be cured, because ending the current system means giving up the power it provides them.”
January 6, 2010
“Until Baltimore voters decide to dismantle the machine, nothing is going to change. Nobody really thinks that Catherine Pugh and Sheila Dixon are all that different. Do they?”
April 16, 2016

The prescience of those above quotes have really come to light in the last few days.

By this point, everybody knows that Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh entered into an agreement with the University of Maryland Medical System to buy 100,000 copies of her self-published book for $500,000. We know that Pugh entered into this agreement while citing on the UMMS Board of Directors. We know that Pugh failed to report this agreement on seven years worth of state ethics forms dating back to her time as a State Senator. We now know that thousands of the books wound up in a Baltimore City School warehouse, that the school system never wanted them, and they have no accounting of where the books actually went. And we know that her fellow members of the Board of Directors, as well as the Hospital System CEO who ostensibly reported to her as a Director, donated vast sums of cash to her Mayoral campaign.



Anonymous said...

They're a cozy bunch of criminals, all deserving of an investigation.

Anonymous said...

meet the new boss, same as the old boss...

Anonymous said...

And when anyone calls for her to go they will be smeared as a "racist" and the "rent a mob" will be sent out to the streets to protest against the accuser."

Anonymous said...

Baltimore is a lost cause under the Democrats. There's been a Dem mayor for 66 out of the last 70 years, along with a gaggle of Dem appointees and elected officials ---- does that tell us something?

Anonymous said...

There is another member on the board who is an insurance agent and just by chance his firm bills the University of Md. Medical Center $30 million dollars for insurance policies his company sold to the Univ. Md. Medical Center.

The entire board is filthy with the double dealings they have on the board.

Anonymous said...

You would think Nancy Pelosi family was still in charge!

Anonymous said...

Shame you cant post emojis here it would need a big laughing face.