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Friday, February 22, 2019

WALSH: The Left's Demand For Oppression Has Exceeded The Supply

Jussie Smollet has finally been arrested for staging a fake hate crime attack against himself. Police believe he also sent a threatening letter covered in white powder to himself, which could presumably lead to more (and potentially much more serious) charges. He was motivated, according to law enforcement, by a desire for a pay raise. It is not clear how getting beat up would necessarily lead directly to a raise. It certainly seems like an odd way to engage in salary negotiations.

I would theorize that there was probably more to it, psychologically, than mere greed. Everyone likes money, everyone wants a raise, but most people don’t hire two large Nigerian men to kick the hell out of them in order to achieve that goal. Why did Jussie take that rather drastic and convoluted step? Because, as I wrote a few days ago, he covets victimhood. Our culture fosters such a mentality, teaching kids from a young age that victimhood is power, victimhood is status, and victimhood is privilege.

It is a very unfortunate thing, then, to live in the most tolerant and open civilization in the history of the world while at the same time seeking validation and identity in oppression. The rash of fake hate crimes shows how desperate the victimhood mongers have become. But we need not limit ourselves to hate crime hoaxes.



Anonymous said...

I'll say this much. He would have skated on the fake beating report but when you get the Postal inspection service involved your screwed. As messed up as the Postal service is their inspector/police force is no joke

Anonymous said...

Any federal prosecutor who has the balls, please jump right in!

Anonymous said...

Sympathy for the likes of these people is wearing thin. Express yourselves at the voting booth to put them in their places.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, fresh out! Come back next century.

Anonymous said...

when will they fire his sorry ass they fired rosanne for allot less

bob pinto said...

He didn't have to hire someone to beat him up. All he to do was go to some loving liberal area or public place with a MAGA hat.