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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Mia Love joins CNN, the outlet her campaign ripped for reporting 'grossly exaggerated' stats

Former Rep. Mia Love has joined CNN — the same network her 2018 campaign criticized for reporting on "grossly exaggerated" campaign finance figures.

Love, who lost last year's re-election bid in a close contest, announced her career move in a tweet Monday.

"A new year brings new opportunities for elevated conversations about the issues that matter. My time in Congress has ended, but the chance to engage Americans is only beginning — I’m excited to join CNN to offer a different, principled, and unleashed perspective," she said.



Anonymous said...

Shes a never Trumper.

Anonymous said...

Swell. Another professional liar joins the MSM.

Anonymous said...

No surprise here. I always thought she was Liberal after her attack on Trump

Anonymous said...

Not a smart career move. But Willard will show up for interviews.