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Saturday, January 26, 2019

Like, Whateverrr


Anonymous said...

you and your pigressive friends are the true Nazis;

Here are the parallels of the neo-Nazi and the new socialist/democrat party and their spiritual cousins, the Third Reich;

1) Both supported rampant socialism

2) Both supported disarming the population. Thus far, only the Third Reich succeeded.

3) Both supported book burning.

4) Both used violent tactics to halt free speech

5) Both demonized their political opponents and incited mob violence.

6) Both conducted a murderous holocaust of innocents. The holocaust of the Jews pales in comparison to the over 60 million babies the socialist/democrats have slaughtered.

A hundred years from now and long after the Nuremberg style trials and execution of socialists and democrat politicians, when someone makes a vicious slur they will refer to another as a socialist/democrat rather than a Nazi.

Anonymous said...

book burning mmmmmm lets start with the KURAN we can always put it out with a little pigs blood

Anonymous said...

Im not the most educated person,but I know a rat when I see one.