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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Freight train slams into school bus in Athens, Texas killing 13-year-old student and injuring two

One student has been killed and two other individuals were injured after a freight train hit a school bus in East Texas, authorities said.

The collision took place around 4pm on Friday when the train struck the bus at a crossing and pushed it about 1,000 feet down the tracks in Athens, Texas, located about 70 miles southeast of Dallas.

A 13-year-old male middle school student was killed in the crash, Athens Police Chief Buddy Hill said at a news conference on Friday evening.



Anonymous said...

Better new than never!

Anonymous said...

Elderly bus driver had no business driving a school bus. I seriously doubt he was legally health qualified to drive a passenger bus at that age. Some doctor is going to be seriously questioned for granting that driver a DOT medical card.

Anonymous said...

How does that even happen? Busses are required to stop, open the door, look both ways BEFORE crossing the tracks!