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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Donald Trump School Safety Report Recommends Trained and Armed School Personnel

President Donald Trump’s school safety commission recommends that schools train and arm personnel to help prevent mass shootings, White House officials previewed on Tuesday.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos briefed reporters on the contents of the report prior to the release.

The report urges school districts and states to partner with local law enforcement in the training and arming of local school personnel.

White House administration officials stressed to reporters that the report recommended that only “highly-trained school personnel” should have access to weapons.

They recommended that schools could benefit from some mentors, custodial staff, administrators and in some cases teachers, have access to weapons.

Devos recommended that military veterans and retired law enforcement officers be hired at schools.

“This report concludes that students would benefit from more veterans and retired law enforcement officers leveraging their knowledge and experience to serve in a variety of school roles,” DeVos.


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Anonymous said...

It's about times after all the students lives lost during Obamas presidency. What say you about this Dems it's known as taken years of no action.