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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Buchanan: 2020 - Year Of The Democrats? Maybe Not

If Democrats are optimistic as 2019 begins, it is understandable.

Their victory on Nov. 6, adding 40 seats and taking control of the House of Representatives, was impressive. And with the party’s total vote far exceeding the GOP total, in places it became a rout

In the six New England states, Republicans no longer hold a single House seat. Susan Collins of Maine is the last GOP senator.

In California, Democrats took the governorship, every state office, 45 of 53 House seats and both houses of the legislature by more than 2-to-1. In the Goldwater-Nixon-Reagan Golden State bastion of Orange County, no GOP congressman survived.

Does this rejection of the GOP in 2018 portend the defeat of Donald Trump in 2020, assuming he is still in office then?

Not necessarily.



Anonymous said...

This was knee-jerk voting by Dems. 2020 will not be kind to them, given that they have absolutely no prospects for coming up with a candidate fit to run the nation. Even though our president is flawed in many respects, the Dems have no one who has anything that can come close to actual sane leadership.

Anonymous said...

No matter who the Dems put up (there will be hundreds), Hillary will inject herself into the politics and especially the media to sour America's view on any of them. We're looking forward to seeing and hearing you make a fool of yourself again, Hil! Bring it on!

Anonymous said...

Easy to win 40 seats when 40 POS RHINOS ran home to momma because they don't like PRESIDENT TRUMP.