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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

I Identify as a Jesus-Follower Far More Than as an Older, White, Male, Conservative American

It’s true that I prefer the Republican Party platform to the Democratic Party platform, hands down. It’s true that I’m a moral conservative when it comes to social issues like abortion, homosexuality, gender distinctions, and the meaning of marriage. And that means that, demographically, I fit right in with the older, white, male, Republican crowd. But that is absolutely not my place of personal identity. My identity flows from my relationship with the Lord and is fueled by His calling and His Word.

Put another way, I do not long to uphold the status quo of America. To the contrary, everything in me challenges the status quo when the status quo challenges godly values and godly ways.

I am a revolutionary at heart, and I burn to see radical change come, both to America and to the nations.



Anonymous said...

Amen, I too follow the same path!

Anonymous said...

I admire the authors dedication. This is why, though, that religion is so dangerous.

A religious man in support of slavery, and American man, during the Civil War period would with just as much intensity, belief and faith defend would support slavery and point back to the bible the same way as this author did to defend his position.

And for both men, there would be just as much credibility and evidences to their claims. None.

The author speaks on how he works to help prostitutes, yet the Christian Churches positions on prostitution has vacillated many times.. in support of or condemning... at all times pointing to God and the bible as the source of their opinions.

Yet people let this unsubstantiated religion steer their decisions, and influence government, and law. It is dangerous and irrational. Men use religion and fit it to their opinions at the time then use the bible to confirm their preconceived ideas.

The disconnect with the identity of Evangelicals and their support of Trump should be evidence of this by itself.

Anonymous said...

A commend the author for her good work through Jesus. However, I will say it like it is. I am white. I love my country. I am not rich. I respect my fellow man. I am not a criminal. I abided by the laws of the land. I don't like to be told that the color of ones skin is what determines evil through a religion. If you have a revolution don't hide behind god. You shouldn't force your beliefs on others. Do what is right like most God fearing Americans and leave religion out.