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Monday, October 29, 2018

THREAD ON Cesar Sayoc.

1) I don’t even know where to begin on this bullsh!t. Let’s get 1 thing straight before we jump into this obvious false flag. None of the packages contained a single explosive device. Not one!! How can you be a mail bomber if not one was actually a bomb?
2) So the #MockingbirdMedia has all coordinated the headlines ..bomber bomber bomber ...yep. These so called bombs had no activator, no trigger and weren’t even compiled of any substance that could be explosive.
3) Can someone tell me why in the hell anyone would play with a package that appeared to be a bomb when opening it??

4) Anything the bomb squad deems to be POTENTIALLY explosive they blow up themselves and they do it extremely carefully.

These pictures look staged..oh and they used a clock/timer you can get off amazon. Very high tech.


Anonymous said...

Facts prove that these nuts are backed by Soros, Democrat millionaire backers and the Democrat Party. They are silent on the three recent incidents. They are relying on the people being stupid when we know and can see the facts of their involvement.

Anonymous said...

Brought to us daily by the Board of Broadcast Governors.

Anonymous said...

The things revealed here point toward a conspiracy in which this non-bomber is a tool.

Anonymous said...

Agree a tool. Also agree that the packages were not bombs. However, this tool needs help not jail time. I'm sure he was easily persuaded to mail them for Soros' approval.

Anonymous said...

No postage cancellation on any of the package images that you can find on the net either. Sent in the mail? Right.