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Monday, October 22, 2018


This is how globalists plan to collapse Western civilization

A note from Alex Jones: This is 21st century warfare being carried out by multinational corporations and NGOs, organizing around the United Nations and quarterbacked by Soros-affiliated groups. It’s meant to break the will of the nation-state by opening up large migration routes from the third-world into the first-world as part of a neo-colonialism system. The multinational banks, NGOs and corporations want to use third-world populations as a tool to colonize the first world with third-world labor to drive down wages and create political instability which they can then control.

Third-world populations are exploding and are under increasing pressure by globalist forces. The developing world is in a pressure-cooker type scenario, and the UN and affiliated globalist groups are now “westernizing” these populations and turning them into political battering rams in an attempt to make the first-world, the western world, submit to multinational, corporate demands. This is 21st century warfare, and the nation will collapse by capitulating to it. It’s why Democrats are openly calling for no borders and the abolishment of ICE while orchestrating the very migrant hordes to invade using migration routes. This is an attack from the outside and treason from within.

The UN and billionaire globalist George Soros are the driving forces behind the massive migrant caravan marching to the U.S. southern border, according to reports.

As with the previous caravan that sprung up last spring, the open borders group Pueblo Sin Fronteras, which is connected to Soros’ Open Society Foundation, is involved with organizing the caravan of 4,000, and the leader of the group was arrested Thursday for attacking Mexican immigration agents.

The UN’s High Commissioner for Refugees has intervened in the situation to aid in the migrants’ travels.

“We’re in discussions. UNHCR is talking to the government to see how we can best help them,” said Sibylla Brodzinsky, a UN spokesperson. “This is just starting. Talks are happening.”



Anonymous said...

Hillary & Obamas & Biden are Behind it all

with Pelosi / Schumer / Schiff >>>> Fact!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hang Soros.

Anonymous said...

why hasnt soros been arrested?

Anonymous said...

Get out of the UN asap. Deport all of them. Make them pay the US back for their share of expenses and tickets. Ban Soros and family from US soil. Confiscate all his assets including his family assets immediately. Been saying this for 10 years.