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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Herschel Walker Calls for CNN to Take Don Lemon ‘Off the Air’

NFL great Herschel Walker is calling for CNN to take host Don Lemon ‘off the air’ for the racist names that Lemon and his guests called rapper Kanye West, after his visit with President Donald Trump at the White House last week.

The former NFL running back jumped to his Twitter account to slam CNN and suggest that Lemon be taken off the air, the Washington Times reported.

“Went to bed appalled over Don Lemon despicable behavior laughing at Tara Setmayer and Bakari Sellers awful remarks about Kanye West’s visit with Donald Trump!,” Walker tweeted on October 11. “Woke up wondering why CNN doesn’t take all three off the air?

Walker’s criticism stems from a broadcast of Lemon’s CNN “news” show where he sat by laughing as commentators Bakari Sellers and Tara Setmayer attacked Kanye West over his support for President Trump. During the segment Sellers angrily insisted that “Kanye West is what happens when Negroes don’t read,” and called him stupid while Setmayer called the singer a “token negro.” Throughout, Lemon sat idly by giggling like a school girl and egging his unruly guests on.



Anonymous said...

CNN - wasted programming on what was once the best in cable "News".

And Lemon (racist) needs to be shown the door!


Anonymous said...

They fired Rosanne, so why does he get to keep his job?
Liberal double standard?

Anonymous said...

It's 2018. His language and word choice are just unacceptable. He should be gone.