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Saturday, September 08, 2018

Pope Francis Must Resign

You’ll know things are getting better in the Roman Catholic Church if by the end of the week at least 15 high-ranking bishops have resigned because of what they have done and what they have failed to do about clerics committing sexual abuse.

One of those should be Pope Francis.

On Saturday night a former papal nuncio to the United States (which is like an ambassador to a foreign government on behalf of the pope, except also with a supervisory role over bishops in that country) stated publicly that former Pope Benedict about eight or nine years ago imposed restrictions on then-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick because of his sexual abuse of seminarians, and that Pope Francis later removed those restrictions and made McCarrick one of his trusted advisers even though he knew about McCarrick’s past behavior.

The former nuncio, Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, now 77 and retired, also named various high-ranking bishops in the Vatican and elsewhere as having full knowledge of McCarrick’s past behavior, of the restrictions on travel and appearing in public that Pope Benedict privately placed on McCarrick, and of Pope Francis’s subsequent reversal of that decision.



Anonymous said...

No way should he resign; I want to see him continue until he has screwed the Roan Catholic church beyond redemption. That way we can all go see what's in the Vatican archives and secret vaults.

Anonymous said...

I'm Catholic and I've been saying he must resign since the Libtard came to the U.S. and met with the illegal Muslim that occupied the White House illegally.

Anonymous said...

the gates of hell shall not prevail! hear that franny? you and your merry band of queers will not win!
We, the laity will take control of our church without you!