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Friday, July 06, 2018

More Jihadists and Muslim Extremists Are Popping Up in Parts of the U.S.

As many people know, our open-border policy is creating monumental problems for the United States, not the least of which is an influx of gang members and terrorists. Back in April, I wrote an article showing how MS-13 used DACA to smuggle over 2,000 foot soldiers into the U.S.

Terrorist groups are doing the same.

So what are the results of this “stealth jihad” and the infiltration of America?

Nearly three million Muslims have made their way to the U.S. since 1992, and we are now seeing the results. “Domestic” terrorist training grounds and support networks are appearing all over the United States.

One such example exists in Florida, and it is terrifying.



Anonymous said...

I'm totally surprised.And shocked,shocked I tell ya. sarc/off

Anonymous said...

Thank a Socialist communist Dem.

Anonymous said...

Locally you can thanl PAC 14, Jake Day, Dan Ohare, Mike Dunn, Carl Anderton, all of Ohare's newfound racist brothers helping run his campaign for delegate. His newfound spiritual guru and mentor kirkland Hall

Anonymous said...

Yes, I saw one screaming and carrying on, the name of the fanatic was Maxine Waters!

Anonymous said...

Easy targets

Rags on their heads

Walking around in robes
And sandles

Anonymous said...

Nothing good will come of it and it was planned.

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