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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Kunstler On The Resistance's Displacement-Projection Syndrome

The Resistance sure got a case of the vapors this week over Mr. Trump’s failure to throttle America’s arch-enemy, the murderous thug V. Putin of Russia, onstage in Helsinki, as any genuine Marvel Comix hero is expected to do when facing consummate evil. Instead, the Golden Golem of Greatness voiced some doubts about the veracity of our “intelligence community” — as the shape-shifting Moloch of black ops likes to call itself, as if it were a kindly service organization in Mr. Rogers neighborhood, collecting dimes for victims of childhood cancer.

If I may be frank, the US Intel community looks like a much bigger threat to American life and values than anything Mr. Putin is doing, for instance his alleged “meddling” in US elections. This word, meddling, absolutely pervades the captive Resistance news outlets these days. It has a thrilling vagueness about it, intimating all kinds of dark deeds without specifying anything, as consorting with Satan once did in our history. The reason: the only specific acts associated with this meddling include the disclosure of incriminating emails among the Democratic National Committee leadership, and a tiny gang of Facebook trolls making sport of profoundly idiotic and dysfunctional American electoral politics.

The brief against Russia also contains vague accusations of “aggression.” It is hard to discern what is meant by that — though it apparently warms the heart of American war hawks and their paymasters in the warfare industries. They allege that Russia “stole” Crimea from Ukraine. Consider: Crimea had been a province of Russia since the 1700s. Ukraine itself was a province of the USSR when Nikita Khrushchev put Crimea under Ukraine’s administrative control in 1956, a relationship which became obviously problematic after the breakup of the soviet mega-state in 1990 — and became even more of a problem when the US State Department and our CIA stage-managed a coup against the Russia-leaning Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych in 2014. Crimea is the site of Russia’s only warm water naval bases. Do you suppose that even an experience American CIA analyst might understand that Russia would under no circumstances give up those assets? Please, grow up.


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lmclain said...

It is the AMERICAN "intelligence" services who violate the law every day and record EVERY ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION done by every American in every way.
They turn on your TV and watch you. They turn on your phone and listen for hours.
They photograph you dozens of times a day and keep those photo's FOREVER.
Your car is tracked and photographed dozens of times a day.
Innocent until proven guilty?? TOTAL BS.
Now, DNA samples are taken at birth and people HAPPILY send DNA samples for "ancestry and lineage" information. You goofs don't think the FBI and Homeland Security get that information, too? And you HAPPILY PAY them to do it!
All social media information is collected.
ALL MAIL is photographed front and back and you are too, every time you enter a Post Office.
EVERYTHING you do on your computer is recorded and archived.
The list of offenses against the American people by these unnamed and faceless bureaucrats and intelligence agencies is beyond belief.
You keep cheering.
Thomas Jefferson would have loved to personally shoot you between the eyes.
Sheep for dinner!!
Dumb aces.
Keep cheering. You'll be sorry and THAT is guaranteed.
Most of you are too wrapped up in Susie's Facebook update to care or are just too stupid to see the implications.
It doesn't mean there aren't any.