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Monday, June 25, 2018

Katie Arrington, S.C. Republican Who Beat Mark Sanford, Is Badly Injured In Car Crash

The state lawmaker surprised the political world when she upset the incumbent in a GOP primary just a week and a half ago. Now, Arrington is in the hospital after a fatal collision Friday night.

Just about 10 days ago, Katie Arrington was celebrating a hard-fought electoral win. The conservative South Carolina state lawmaker had dealt longtime incumbent Rep. Mark Sanford a surprising defeat in the state's congressional GOP primary.

Now Arrington, 47, is in the hospital facing quite another kind of fight.

A friend had been driving the U.S. House hopeful Friday night when their car was struck by a vehicle driving the wrong direction on the highway, according to her spokesperson.

Capt. Roger Antonio of the Charleston County Sheriff's Office tells NPR the driver of the other vehicle died at the scene in Adams Run, S.C. Arrington's friend, 59-year-old Jacqueline Goff, has been hospitalized with serious injuries.



Anonymous said...

Seems suspect to me, that is how the CIA works, they use cars to crash into you to make it look like an accident... They tried to do it to Putin and Trump and there is video of that...

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see if they state what the circumstances were. Likely be one of those unresolved investigations.

Anonymous said...

If she had defeated a friend of the Clintons she would have "accidentally" shot herself in the head 10 times

Anonymous said...

I've been praying for her since I heard the accident occured.

The above commenter says it sounds suspect? The other driver died, why would he want to kill himself?

Anonymous said...

Well 3:31 allot of reason. Have you seen the dedication of these lucifarian followers. 1 to millions death is on their agenda it does not matter. Satan hates us and God even Death..that is SATANS mode of operations. Educate yourself the NWO is luciferian plot to instill the antichrist and he has many soliders willing to deceive lie and die for satan

lmclain said... are waaaaay too naive.