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Friday, May 11, 2018

Israel Destroyed ‘Almost All’ Iranian Sites in Syria

Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman said Thursday morning that the IDF destroyed “almost all of Iran’s military infrastructure sites in Syria” overnight in response to a rocket barrage on Israel’s north, and warned Tehran that attacks on Israeli territory will be met with “the strongest possible force.”

Liberman said that Israel has no interest in a conflict with Iran but will not accept any threat against it.

“If we get rain, you will get a flood,” he warned. “We will not let Iran use Syria as a base to attack us from.”

“The Iranians tried to attack the sovereign territory of Israel,” Liberman said. “Not one Iranian rocket landed in the State of Israel. Nobody was hurt. Nothing was damaged. And we’re to be thankful for that. We damaged nearly all of the Iranian infrastructure in Syria.”



Anonymous said...

Hit them so hard the sand turns to glass.

Anonymous said...

Now lets see them do the same in Iran, level it !

Anonymous said...

Is there anywhere in Syria that isn't completely bombed out? Look at Google Images!

Anonymous said...

I really haven't found a single person yet that gives a crap if most of the middle east was turned into glass, let Israel have fun and kill off all of the muslims!