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Saturday, January 20, 2018

How Conservatives Are Being Destroyed by Facebook, Twitter and Google Without Even Realizing It

Today, as you read this, my website Right Wing News is shutting down operations. It has been around since 2001, but became massive a few years ago because of Facebook.

Remember the mainstream media liberals going out of their minds because the Russians reached almost 150 million people with their $100,000 Facebook ad buy? In July of 2015, in just a week, the Right Wing News Facebook page reached 133 million people. Because conservatives were sharing content they were interested in, little ol’ Right Wing News (well, I guess nearly 3.6 million Facebook likes isn’t so little) was driving the same amount of web traffic as some of the biggest newspapers in America. Barack Obama’s Facebook page was 36 times bigger than our page; yet we had 7 times as many people talking about our content.

Ironically, that’s a big part of what killed the website.

You see, what Facebook giveth, Facebook can take away. So, why would Facebook want to kill extremely successful Facebook pages that its users enjoyed?

One of the reasons goes back to something I told multiple reporters during the 2016 election. I believe that all of the thriving right wing Facebook pages activated large numbers of what I like to think of as “instinctive conservatives.” You know, the sort of people who love God, guns and America, but who don’t follow politics day to day, read National Review or consume any of Milton Friedman’s books. From what I could see on Facebook, that group of people LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Donald Trump and I believe they were responsible for getting him the GOP nomination and probably even got him over the hump in states like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. I think the liberals that run Facebook came to that same conclusion.

Before the election season got into full swing, Facebook had already made some mild downgrades to reach. Afterwards, when liberal mainstream media outlets were screaming about Russian ad buys and “fake news,” Facebook systematically, methodically reduced the reach of all its pages with each algorithm change. By then, most of us understood where it was going long-term. If Facebook killed every conservative page overnight, there would be a huge outcry. On the other hand, if Facebook slowly strangled us to death, we’d fade away and would people even notice?

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Anonymous said...

Twitter has shut down Conservative communication and sites...FaceBook (this morning on my page) notified me they would be posting more from my friends and other words they have shut down Conservative Posts. Yes; we are being censored rapidly and they are shutting down anything to do with Conservatives. Must be another way we can go around them. When I do post something they may no like; they take it down fast.

Anonymous said...

facebook amazon google twitter are part of the problem so unless you are willing to give them up stop complaining! I don't use them! easy peasy! just like the nfl who needs them? so many sheeple!

Anonymous said...

What do you use to blog?

Anonymous said...

Your not paying for it. It's not a public forum. Just because it exists does not make your views free or protected in anyway. It's commerce and they will support and promote the views in alignment with their advertisers and paid content providers. Everyone thinks that social media and the internet at large is like some old time telephone party line or radio. It's not. You are better off shouting in the streets if you really think you views are that precious and see where that gets you.