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Friday, December 29, 2017

Suspended cops sat in patrol car instead of checking on pregnant woman later found dead

The pair of NYPD cops who were suspended after it was revealed they possibly botched a job to check on a Brooklyn mom who was later found strangled to death at the bottom of her basement staircase are claiming they only thought they had to check on the outside of her home, sources told The Post.

The 77th Precinct officers, identified by sources as Wael Jaber and Wing Hong Lau, were initially dispatched to the Crown Heights home of Tonie Wells, 22, Wednesday morning — before her body was found and her husband was arrested for her death.

Jaber and Lau — who have both been on the force for about a decade — responded to the three-story Sterling Place brownstone after the victim’s sister called 911 to report that Wells was “scared” of her husband, Barry Wells, 29, because he was “acting funny,” sources have said.

Instead of entering the home, the cops remained in their patrol car and then drove off.



Anonymous said...

That's a b.s. excuse. what was looking at the front of the house going to tell them about a potential domestic violence situation. Their sheer laziness cost a life.

Anonymous said...

So you listened to the 911 tape? Are you NSA ?

Anonymous said...

Domestic calls are always the weirdest.

Anonymous said...

How many have you been on?

Anonymous said...

so it's the kops fault, not his, not hers? she let him into her life, should have been a little more careful. why the hell would anyone want to be a kop? if you still have the desire then baltimore wants you!
good luck!

Anonymous said...

8:18 are intentionally being ignorant by misspelling cops?