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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Is Jeff Sessions being blackmailed?

Let's begin with some accusations. They are well founded and as credible as any against Roy Moore – perhaps more so. The FBI's first director, J. Edgar Hoover, was reputed to have compiled incriminating dossiers on just about every top office-holder in Washington, D.C., up to and including the presidents, under several of whose tenures Hoover served. Whenever there was talk of firing him, Hoover reportedly met with the contemporary chief of state and persuaded him to retain him (Hoover) in his post. Regarding President Kennedy, there was surely a great deal in the dossier, especially as concerned his scandalous relationship with Marilyn Monroe. Kennedy, who had been rumored to be planning to replace Hoover, quickly changed his mind after one of those meetings. So much for the accusations. Let's talk current events. Jeff Sessions, as senator, had a long history of being a staunch conservative. As such, he favors small...

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That's the ONLY thing that makes any sense. Someone has him by the ___lls and is squeezing hard.