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Friday, October 27, 2017

Baltimore Lacked Authority To Remove Monuments, Trust Says

The Maryland Historical Trust is reiterating its stance that Baltimore officials lacked the authority to take down three monuments to the Confederacy, and is asking the city to work together to secure a safe place for them to be relocated.

In a letter dated last Friday, trust director Elizabeth Hughes wrote that the city did not have the right to remove the statues.

Hughes says that while the trust will not concede that it lacks authority to re-install the statues, the best way forward is to work cooperatively toward a mutual resolution that likely includes relocating the monuments.



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Anonymous said...

The real question is whether Baltimore will reimburse State taxpayers for the statues they destroyed? Or.... it this just another CVS activity?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the Trust doesn't have the balls to force them to put the Statues back.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for the trust but they need to require the statues be REPLACED! Who's paying for this I'd like to know?

Anonymous said...

But it's Baltmor"

Anonymous said...

Easier to ask for forgiveness than permission - we ALL know that! Just strange when a town/city/state/fed gov't does it!