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Saturday, July 01, 2017

Protesters vow to block gas pipeline that would go under Potomac in Md.

WASHINGTON — Protesters are camping out for the summer in an effort to stop a natural gas pipeline that would run under the Potomac River in Maryland.

A coalition of protesters kicked off the effort Friday at McCoy’s Ferry, a campground along the C&O Canal between Hagerstown and Hancock.

The TransCanada Eastern Panhandle Expansion would originate in Bedford, Pennsylvania, cross Maryland west of Hancock, and terminate near Berkleley Springs, West Virginia. But there’s no benefit to Marylanders under the plan, said Mike Tidwell of the Chesapeake Climate Action Network.

“It’s not Maryland that’s selling the gas; it’s not Maryland that’s buying the gas,” Tidwell said. “It’s being sold from Pennsylvania and being used and purchased in West Virginia — yet Maryland has to take all the risk.”

The plan poses risks to the environment, Tidwell said. “We see it as a threat to drinking water. Six million people draw their drinking water from the Potomac River.”



Anonymous said...

These idiots will protest anything.

Zorro said...

lock them up

Anonymous said...

Domestic terrorists.

Anonymous said...

Can't fix stupid. The sole reason US carbon emissions are at multi decade lows is due to Nat gas! EnvironNazis are too stupid to realize that!

Anonymous said...

That's a picture of the canal , it's not the Potomac. Snow flakes at it again.

Anonymous said...


I agree with you comment based on the facts.
However please don't fall for the "carbon" clap trap nonsense.

There is no evidence that CO2 (Not Carbon) is harming the environment, in fact there's lots of evidence to suggest that more CO2 (Not Carbon) is beneficial since it is basically a plant food.

Anonymous said...

Lines underground everywhere in Maryland.

Anonymous said...

Its all good until the bay is ruined. Im no tree hugger but i do hope all considerations have been made regarding the bay and its health. Many many people depend on it thriving.

Anonymous said...

It's a heavily reinforced, buried pipe, not a soda straw.

Anonymous said...

Maryland residents wisely banned fracking because they saw the damage it was doing in other states. So why would they want to support fracking infrastructure going across their state? This pipeline brings nothing to Maryland but unnecessary risk. As long as water is treated as a cheap commodity, industry will always use it up and pollute it without regard for the public good. Getting beyond fossil fuels to renewables is worth fighting for.