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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

FBI Seized Crushed Hard Drives From Home Of Wasserman-Schultz' IT Aide

Over the past few months, the story of the Awan brothers has been largely ignored by mainstream media. However, the Pakistani-born brothers Abid, Imran, and Jamal Awan are at the center of a criminal investigation by U.S. Capital Hill Police and the FBI. While official charges have not yet been filed, allegations of wrong doing vary from simply overcharging taxpayers for congressional IT equipment to blackmailing members of Congress with secrets captured from emails.

The Awan brothers were Pakistani IT specialists, whom worked for more than 30 house and senate democrats, as well as Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz. The substantial scandal has raised questions about who may have been passed data which the Awans had access to, given Pakistan's history of collaborating with a number of foreign countries who have demonstrated past willingness to influence U.S. politics.

Now, per an exclusive report from the Daily Caller, we learn that the twisted plot surrounding the Awan brothers has grown even more interesting as FBI agents have reportedly seized a number of "smashed hard drives" and other computer equipment from their former residence in Virginia.



Anonymous said...

Did they also RETRIEVE HILLARY'S HDD's ?????

The Bleach Bitted ones ???????

Anonymous said...

Good luck with getting anything out of those. And I mean that.

Anonymous said...

She also had them CRUSHED > with a Hammer !!!!!!

just to make sure !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

They just didn't trust Debbie to destroy them properly.

Anonymous said...

Of course they found items at Debbie's house - geez!!!

Anonymous said...

Why in the world would anybody hang on to a smashed hard drive. I would smash it to smithereens and and then throwing it into the deepest lake you can find. The IQ of these people must be below 50

Anonymous said...

Time to check Pelosi's and Shumer's HDD's !!!

Anonymous said...

Let's check into their COLLUSIONS !!!!!!!!!!!

lmclain said...

You or I would go to prison after the swat team assaulted the house at 4 am with flash bangs and 30 cops with full gear.
They TELL her they'll "be over in a few minutes" and when they find the destroyed evidence, they just look around and say "man....looks like we got here a little late." Sorry, Deb.

Then one of the cops says "HEY!! I think I just saw an old lady drive by, not wearing her seat belt AND there was a black person in her car!!!"
Game on!!
Obstruction, conspiracy, destruction of evidence, ignoring subpoenas, hindering an investigation are all things for which we get taken away in front of everyone in handcuffs. Jail in the future and lawyer fees like you can't imagine.
THEY close the door behind the cops and high five each other.
Keep cheering. LOUDLY!!