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Thursday, July 06, 2017

Avoiding sexual assault: How parents can discuss a tough topic with kids

WASHINGTON — A disturbing investigation of sexual abuse in a Maryland school system is likely prompting some parents to have a tough conversation with their kids.

And Eileen Dombo, a trauma expert and associate professor at the Catholic University of America, suggested parents start by talking to kids about how adults can earn their trust.

“It’s important not to do anything [adults] ask you to that makes you feel uncomfortable, or [that] someone who you do trust wouldn’t ask you to do,” Dombo said.

After Carlos DeAngelo Bell — a former staffer and track coach for Charles County schools — was indicted Monday and charged with the sexual abuse of seven children, Dombo said many parents are frightened and unsure about how to approach the conversation with their children.

A bathing suit is an example of how one can help young kids understand the parts of their body that are off-limits to others, Dombo said.

“What my son calls ‘the no-no zone.’ Anytime anyone asks you to see that area or touch that area, you say ‘no.’ That area is any area that would be covered by a bathing suit,” she said.



Anonymous said...

abuse is also wide spread in Cruise Lines as well. Any place where parents are told to turn their children over for a fun time is subject to the chance of abuse. Just remember....the abusers are always seeking jobs where they are "in charge" of childrens activities.

Anonymous said...

do not walk around half nude...
....pretty simple rule