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Friday, June 23, 2017

Trump announces hopes for 'solar wall' along US southern border

President Trump on Wednesday made his first public pitch to install solar panels on his border wall with Mexico.

It was the first time that the president mentioned his plan publically. Earlier this month, two congressional Republicans told The Wall Street Journal about the plan after a private meeting with Trump.

“Think of it,” Trump told the audience Cedar Rapids, Iowa. “The higher it goes, the more valuable it is. Pretty good imagination, right?”

The president joked, “This way, Mexico will have to pay much less money, and that’s good. A solar wall. Makes sense.”

In March, two experts wrote an opinion article in The Journal about the potential benefits of a solar wall.

Vasilis Fthenakis, director of the Center for Life Cycle Analysis at Columbia University, and Ken Zweibel, the director of the Solar institute at George Washington University, wrote that a “massive string of photovoltaic panels could be placed on the Mexican side of the wall. They said a solar wall may be more practical than a traditional wall.


Anonymous said...

And now it'll be easier to electrify and add ground penetrating radar stations to detect tunnels! Genius!

Anonymous said...

Those panels will be gone pronto. Anything not attended is considered free.

Anonymous said...

Lol it won't happen. He makes things up as he goes along.

Anonymous said...

Best president EVER. GO TRUMP! The left is probably confused on how to bash this idea!

Anonymous said...

Idiots like 1107 always there to provide the bashing like paid trolls for Schumer/Pelosi's dynamic duo. Always has to find fault with anything the president does regardless of whether it feeds into their stupid fakery or not. Yamma Yamma ding dong. 1107 needs a damn hobby.

Anonymous said...

1107 paid troll

Anonymous said...

Solar to provide the electric shock to the crossers.


I had never even imagined that, but it's genius!!!

Now I'm sure my vote was the correct one!

Now, for a night time plan... batteries...grid... done!

Anonymous said...

Those dumb mexicans will never figure out how to steal the electric or short out the panels.