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Friday, June 30, 2017

Rare Whale Shark Sighting A Thrill On Overnight Fishing Trip

OCEAN CITY – Patrons and crew members on an overnight fishing charter received a surprise visit from a whale shark this week while off the coast of Ocean City.

Steve Moore, a full-time captain with Stalker Sportfishing Charters, said the encounter took place early Tuesday morning.

He explained that five individuals and the three-man crew were on the charter boat Stalker for an overnight fishing trip 68 miles off the shore of Ocean City, beyond the Washington Canyon, when they first spotted the whale shark.

Having little luck on the fishing lines, Moore said he decided to lie down while his mate, Cory Lednum, kept watch at the back of the boat.



Steve said...

I was lucky enough to be snorkeling in the Marquesas when a mom and young one passed under us, as big as a Greyhound bus! Awesome experience!

Anonymous said...

I saw one in the summer of 1985. I saw it twice in the same day in the Wilmington Canyon. I was mating on a sportfisherman and we were fishing for white marlin and trolled right past it. Very interesting fish.

Anonymous said...

I caught one fishing in the summer of 64. Hot day took a while to get the hook out. I gave him a kiss and let him go.

Anonymous said...

I married one

Anonymous said...

^^^^^ now that's funny!