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Monday, May 08, 2017

OC Inlet Dredging Underway

OCEAN CITY — The Army Corps of Engineers dredge boat Murden arrived in Ocean City last weekend for the semiannual dredging of the ebb shoals in and around the Inlet.

The Inlet continually fills in through natural and man-made processes and is often impassable by large-draw vessels, particularly during low tide. While the Inlet and other channels in and around the mouth of the commercial harbor naturally fill in and are in need of continual maintenance dredging, the problem has become more acute in recent years to the point it is now curtailing commercial and recreational activity out of Ocean City.

To that end, the Army Corps of Engineers last Friday sent its dredge boat Murden based out of the Corps’ Wilmington District in North Carolina to begin dredging near the Inlet at the Assateague Bypass. The project began last Saturday and the work is expected to continue for about a month.


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Anonymous said...

It's about time.Even my kayak bottomed out the last time I was there.