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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Cinco de Mayo – More Like Cinco de Cancelled

The great refrain of the left, the establishment right, and anyone who does not understand human nature and dynamism, has been: “What are you going to do – deport all 11 million illegals?”

Yes we’ve heard it for years. Funny how the 11 million number never changes. But anyway.

The question they all ask is set up to be rhetorical – like it‘s not really a question. To the small minds on the left and the defeatists of the right, it is rhetorical. Of course we won’t and/or can’t round them all up. Therefore the only other choice is to let them all stay.
It, as the smart people say, is a binary choice. There is no other option. And then along comes president Trump.

Now I don’t know if Trump is student of history or not, but what he is doing, or rather authorizing, is beginning to already pay dividends. Many news outlets on both sides of the political spectrum are reporting illegals getting the message that the new sheriff will round you up like so much cattle and run you back across the border.

Of course this is not the administration’s stated policy, but who cares. The press’s misinformation campaign appears to be working. And if you are a staunch anti-illegal immigration advocate like me, you’re as happy to see this as am I. And it just keeps getting better.

The Huffington Post reported some more good news just yesterday.

“The organizers of a Cinco de Mayo celebration in Philadelphia have canceled the annual event over fears of an immigration crackdown.” 

Here is their Facebook link so you may read for yourself about the cancellation. I hope you can read Spanish, because the post (and the site) is NOT in English.


Anonymous said...

I prefer mustard.

lmclain said...

Hey, if they really want to be "American", then they still have the 4TH of July.
Might as well throw in Independence Day in Texas, too.
Or do they just want to establish their country within the USA?
Pick correctly and you get to stay.
Pick unwisely and you are on the next plane outta here....
With your entire family.
See if Cinco de Mayo is celebrated in Bolivia.

Anonymous said...

Cinco de Mayo is an american drinking holiday created by the beverage industry.

Anonymous said...

I'm sick of Cinco de Mayo. It's NOT celebrated in Mexico at all. Just like Kwanza, another FAKE holiday...Stop ALL this nonsense NOW!!!