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Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Elderly Vietnam Veteran Uses His 2nd Amendment To Protect Against TWO Thugs- 1 DEAD

To know that our young people today have no problem doing what these two tried to do to this elderly veteran exist…is brutally disheartening. However, to also know that we have the 2nd Amendment to protect those that truly believe in it’s purpose…well that’s just a story that needs to be told.

70-year old Vietnam veteran had no choice but to defend himself up against 2 thugs that had pulled a gun on him. He was legally carrying, and after that gun fight…there was 1 hero, 2 dead, and 1 who lived to regret it.

As this veteran was dropping off his friend at home, a car pulled up with a 19-year old and 23-year old male inside. They had begun to ask for directions and when he got closer they pulled a gun on him.

They thought he being elderly would be an easy target, and have plenty for them to steal.



Anonymous said...

This one ended up the way more should! Unfortunately, we have to pay for the prosecution and incarceration of the one that lived.

I'll bet the vet goes to the range for some more practice!

Good Job!

Anonymous said...

Elderly Viet Nam vet? Aside from those already deceased, we're all elderly.

Anonymous said...

"...our young people.." You generalize much?