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Saturday, October 01, 2016

Nina May's commentary .... Protests in NC reflect the national protest against political elite establishment

Protests in North Carolina are Against Hillary et al
(By Nina May)

One of the protesters in Charlotte, NC said his reason for being there is exactly the same reason so many people are supporting the non-politician for president. His answer was profound on so many levels and echoed the sentiments of the millions of Trump supporters.

He said he was tired of two different sets of rules for different people and that one group always gets away with breaking the law, while the other ends up in jail. He was seeing it through the lens of race, which was totally valid, but I was hearing it through the filter of the disparity that exists in our society today. It pits the elitist power brokers, the crony politicians, the ruling class against everyone else in the country that has little or no power to oppose this leviathan of unbridled greed and hubris.

He was seeing the inequity of a police force that he perceives as unjustly targeting a class of citizens with no accountability, not being held to the same rules as everyone else. Trump supporters see Hillary Clinton exactly the same way. They know that if they had been as careless with classified and secret material, destroyed evidence, ignored subpoenas and thumbed their noses at congress and the American people, they would be serving time in jail, not coddled like Hillary Clinton. The situations with Governors Bob McDonnell and Rod Blagojevich come to mind.

They know they would not be free to be questioned by the FBI giving answers suggesting they were body snatched for three years while serving as Secretary of State. They could not claim not to remember being briefed on the handling of national security issues. They know if they had sold access for money, they would have been prosecuted like politicians in the past, not coddled like Hillary Clinton.

They know if they had blamed their inaction and indecisive response that resulted in the deaths of four Americans … on a film producer, they would have lost all credibility with the public and not had the hubris to think they should be rewarded with the presidency. The man she accused of producing a film that caused a nonexistent riot in Benghazi, spent time in jail and lost everything while she continued to get millions of dollars in either pay for play or speaking fees. 

That is the type of disparity that the man on the street in Charlotte was expressing. It was different circumstances but the reality of the two Americas was as palpable for him as it is for the rest of us who stand aghast at what these powerful, clueless, greedy, ruthless elitists have been getting away with for years.

I feel his pain. I feel the country’s pain as we sit watching a Justice Department not mete out justice, a president who promised to heal the racial divide continue to pit one group against another, and two political parties who have ostensibly joined forces to keep outsiders from toppling their greedy, power driven empire.

The people marching in the streets of Charlotte are marching against a system that is stacked against anyone that doesn’t cow-tow to the political elite, who have rigged the system in such a way that only the ruling class stays in power. The politicians have fought against term limits, have voted themselves pay increases while the rest of the national struggles, they have discussed legislation behind closed doors, locking the citizens out telling us we will know what’s in a bill only after it is passes.

They now talk about solving problems they have created by disarming innocent citizens who have basically been told, if they want to be protected from groups of people with ideological and religious differences, they are on their own. We are not even allowed to suggest that a man who plants bombs in dumpsters is a terrorist while we are supposed to hate millions of fellow “deplorable” Americans just because they choose to exercise their right to vote for someone the ruling class hates.

This Charlotte protestor is every man just as Trump is every man. Even though they represent two different races, two economic positions, two views on a variety of issues, they also represent the collective frustration of millions of people who feel they have no power, no control and are always at the mercy of the ruling class.

Trump has personally experienced it with the unveiled vitriol of “fellow Republicans” who even signed pledges to support whoever got the nomination. Besides being dishonorable and showing their word means nothing, they reveal that they are no different from the Clintons and their cozy little side deals making millions in speaking fees while doling out favors like scoops of ice-cream.

People who in the past were respected as being above all the political nonsense have shown their true colors by denouncing the choice of their political party for candidate. They are no different than the rogue policeman who gives all good cops a bad name. They are the ones who break down doors, put old men in chock holds, shoot innocent victims in the back all while claiming to represent justice. No, these rogue agents, both police and politicians think they are above the law and above their word. They are the Bull Connors and Huey Longs who greased their own skids while the rest of the nation suffered. 

Just ask yourself. If you were being beaten up by a group of people and a big guy comes and pulls them off of you, are you going to reject his help because he is not dressed properly, hasn’t bathed, has two front teeth missing and a little hard to look at? No, you are thankful that he was there when you needed to be rescued. So for you never Trumpers … you have no choice in who is trying to rescue you and the nation, but if you turn down his help, we all get hurt.
There may not be another person who can rise up through this elitist quagmire which has been jelling for years into a solid block of self- appointed tyrants who will take away your right to ever choose again.

So, man on the street in Charlotte, we are in this together, but the white man is not your enemy no more than he was during the civil war. It was white men who fought other white men to give enslaved black men a chance to be free. That is still the case, but the discussion is far beyond race. It is now an issue of philosophical discrimination and if you or me, no matter our race, oppose this power elite, they will destroy us both. 

So let’s work beyond race and look at the underlying agendas. The struggle has always been about liberty vs. oppression, it still is and we are all in it together … we just have to have the courage and wisdom to admit it.

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