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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Voters oppose Clinton pardon by 3-1 margin

More than two-thirds of registered voters do not want President Obamato pardon Hillary Clinton before he leaves office next month, according to a Fox News poll released Thursday evening.

The poll said 68 percent of respondents who were asked from Dec. 11-13 say the Democratic president should not forgive his former secretary of state for potential crimes she may have committed in connection with the Clinton Foundation or by using a private email server in her residence. Less than one-quarter of voters, 23 percent, want Obama to help the unsuccessful 2016 Democratic nominee before President-elect Trump takes office.

Even Clinton supporters overwhelmingly do not want Obama to let Clinton off for alleged wrongdoings. Nearly half of her backers said he should not give her a way out, possibly because she is viewed as innocent. Forty percent said he should help her. Meanwhile, 87 percent of Trump supporters said he should not pardon her.

Trump promised during the general election to appoint a special prosecutor to look into an alleged pay-to-play scheme between Clinton's state department and the Clinton Foundation, among other actions. Following his victory on Nov. 8, Trump has said he is focused on other issues at hand, including creating jobs, reforming U.S. immigrationpolicy and repealing Obamacare.



Anonymous said...

Why should he pardon the lady when she has done nothing?

Anonymous said...


You're in complete denial.


Anonymous said...

Put them ALL in prison...including 12:48pm!

Anonymous said...

12:48 - you most likely voted for her - and twice for the current turd!

The experiment in affirmative action was a dismal failure - glad we didn't allow to try another one!

Lock the HildaBeast up and throw away the key!

Anonymous said...

I don't believe any president can pardon anyone unless they are convicted of a crime. The conviction will come after Obama is gone.

Zorro said...

In accordance to all the frustrated comments about locking Hillary up....She has too much dirt on others, they will not let Hillary turn evidence on them....I can imagine her Plane mysteriously crashing.....The Shadow Government will not let her expose them

Anonymous said...

She was wrongly not convicted of anything by a tyrannical administration. The evidence was obvious and Comey laid out a case to prosecute her. But then said there was not "intent" of wrongdoing. There wasn't intent for wrongdoing by the many others who mishandled classified info and at least lost their secret clearances over it! Hopefully, a real investigation and honest reporting of the facts will happen once Trump takes over the WH.