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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Whoops! About that tax check...

Peter Franchot, Maryland’s comptroller for the past decade, admitted last week that his office misdirected about $21.4 million worth of local income tax payments for years, and for most municipalities in Worcester, the outcome is favorable — except for Snow Hill, which ended up owing the state money.

The error was initially believed to be confined to Montgomery County for $8.7 million, but another $12.7 million in misdirected funds was discovered later, according to published reports.

Berlin will get the most back from the state, as Town Manager Laura Allen said she received notice from the state that the municipality is owed $134,779 in back tax revenues.

Ocean City is next, but is only getting a little more than half of what Berlin is being refunded at $76,800, according to City Manager Doug Miller.



Anonymous said...

Say thank you OC and go about your business. Peter still is watching what goes on within our 10 miles of island.

Anonymous said...

How could payments in error occur "for years"? Who audits the State?